Below are screen shots of the edition DVD. We felt this wonderful film deserved a full DVD treatment, so it was remastered, and had a lot of extras added to create a more well-rounded disc.

We also felt it would be best to give something back to those generous enough to make a donation to this project. This disc is available exclusively to anyone who donates $5.00 or more to help fund the promotional efforts and costs associated with running this web site. Please note that this DVD is not available for commercial resale or commercial distribution.

You can either download the ISO file (2.9 GB) and burn your own disc(s) and print your own label, or have a DVD-R with printed label mailed to you by First Class mail anywhere in the world. See the donation page for more information.

 Menu Extras

The main menu of the disc (left) has options to play the film from the start or jump to a specific chapter / segment of the documentary.

  Books Books

The Extras section contains information about Arundhati Roy, audio of the full, unedited Come September speech, subtitles for the hearing impared, information on her books, information about this web site and more!

Technical Specifics

This edition is on a DVD-R which will play on all computers with a DVD drive and most set top DVD players made in the last few years. To be certain, check your DVD player manual or insignias on the machine for the DVD-R logo.

High quality Sony and JVC brand DVD-R discs are used for the best compatibility rates. v2.0 - 2006 WHAT'S NEW? | CONTACT US | TRACKBACK | CONTRIBUTE