We're proud to be a part of Kiva, a micro-loan project that allows anyone with some extra money to directly help the working poor in the world. If you haven't heard about them, we highly recommend you give them a visit and sign up!

Some press about this wonderful organization:

Young Donors Turn to Micro Loans (NPR - All Things Considered)
"If you've got even $25 to lend, you can point and click and become part of a global village promoting sustainable development." Listen Now.

Small Loans, Good Intentions: Web Sites to Help You Act Like the Nobel Peace Prize Winner (The Wall Street Journal)
"You, too, can have a big impact with a small amount of money."

Web-Based Microfinancing (New York Times)
"At, a schoolteacher in Kansas can partner with an expert seamstress in countries like Kenya, Mexico and Ecuador to jump-start a tailor shop."

Be a global financier... on a shoestring (CNN)
"If you've got 25 bucks, a PC and a PayPal account, you've now got the wherewithal to be an international financier."

In the spirit of Ms. Roy's humanitarian work, we'll be utilizing this organization as a place to put excess donations and directly help many of the people she fights for.

When you donate to get a DVD copy of the "We" documentary, what remains (after shipping/disc production costs) will be pooled and donated to deserving people in developing countries to help start or boost their small businesses.

Since the recipients pay back the loans Kiva helps them to obtain, we'll most likely get everything we donate back in 12-18 months. It will then be loaned out again to others in need as we attempt to create a nice endless loop of empowerment.

The Kiva site allows you to track the progress of its users. Below is a direct link to our profile where you can view those has helped, in part through your donations!

If you can, feel free to jump in, create your own account and contribute to more people in need. v2.0 - 2006 WHAT'S NEW? | CONTACT US | TRACKBACK | CONTRIBUTE